Wholesale Saga Brownie Bites (6 containers)

Wholesale Saga Brownie Bites (6 containers)

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3 balls per container.  Individually packaged + labeled. 

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no bake/vegan/gluten-free/soy-free/nut free* (contains coconut)

Infused with Artmeis Saga (A smooth, well balanced herbal coffee featuring wild berries, wile roots, and adaptogenic mushrooms that boost focus, support liver health, and increase immunity. Notes of red apple, homemade caramel and Seville orange with a lingering treacle finish)

cocoa, sunflower butter, pepitas, sunflower seeds, medjool dates, semi-sweet chocolate chips, vanilla, salt, white chocolate drizzle


1 month frozen, air tight container / 5 days, room temp