Pre-orders will close at 8pm on Thursday, 7/21.
First come, first serve at the pop up on Friday!

Veg.Edible is popping up for Fourth Friday festivities at the PACE | HOFF Center on Friday, July 22nd from 5-9pm. This is a full service, dine in event with a full bar, patio seating and live music! You can place your order to be made to go if desired.

Please read:
I am expecting to be very busy for this pop up. If you would like to pre-order here, this will help me immensely to prepare and guarantee I prepare enough to make your order. The prices are set to zero because payment will only be accepted by PACE at the event between 5-9pm on 7/22. When you arrive, let the bartender know you have a pre-order, provide your name on the order and they will ring you up.

Please ensure your total equals $0.00 upon check out.

Tips entered here will be refunded. I cannot 
accept tips for this event. Tips added when you pay at the pop up will go to the bartenders and staff helping my team. Treat them well!

We invite you to explore the PACE | HOFF Center at 1001 South 6th Street in Council Bluffs, IA for our special Fourth Friday festivities! Stop by McCormick's 1894 cocktail bar for a $4.00 drink special, visit the amazingly talented studio artists on the 3rd floor, and don’t forget the beautiful gallery on the 4th floor. Dinner menu will be served from 5-9pm (or sell out).

1001 South 6th Street Council Bluffs, IA

Facebook Event

McCormick’s 1894 Bar >> 4-10PM

Art Gallery >> 6-9 PM

Pop-up Restaurant | Veg.Edible >> 5-9PM

Art Class | Make a Fidget Twiddle Muff Sensory Tory >> 5-9PM

LIVE Music | Paul Hart >> 6-8PM

Art Class | Ocean Epoxy Paint Pouring >> 6-8PM

Art Class | Adult Paint & Sip >> 6:30-8:30PM

Art Class | Mud & Merlot >> 7-9PM