Veg.Edible will be hosting a to-go only BRUNCH from 10am-2pm on Saturday 11/6 and Sunday 11/7 at Kitchen Council in Council Bluffs. Menu coming soon!

For customers: Whether you’ve been vegan for years or you’re just trying to incorporate more plant-based meals into your life, this event is for you! The reasons why some choose to eat vegan vary person to person. It can be an ethical choice for animals, for environmental impact, for health needs, or a combination. Whatever the reasons, we dream of you sitting down at any restaurant in Omaha and having something safe and tasty to eat. We want to say “Goodbye” to the side salad with no dressing and maybe some fries. We want to say “Hello” to more chefs adding vegan options that push their boundaries and wow all of their customers.

For restaurants: We recognize that not every restaurant will go 100% vegan, but we hope to show that every restaurant can have some vegan options on their menu. They can educate themselves and their staff on vegan ingredients and common allergens. They can label vegan/ allergy-safe items on their menus and help make easy modifications when available. This isn’t a passing fad that will fizzle out. This is a movement and lifestyle that is gaining more and more traction. We want restaurants to know it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive, and that they can absolutely grow with the movement!


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